Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile


Occupation: Project Manager

Age: 56

City of residence: West Valley City

Years of residence in current city: 33

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Steve Vincent has lived in West Valley City for 33 years. Steve and Susan raised 4 children and have 4 grandchildren.  Mr. Vincent became interested in City government about 15 years ago when many of his neighbor started moving to other Cities in Salt Lake County because the housing market in West Valley was saturated with small starter home with no available options to move into a larger home.  Steve decided to get involved and was appointed to the West Valley Board of Adjustments in 2000 and two years later was elected to the City Council.

Working with the Planning Commission the City Council worked to raise the residential standard, requiring larger homes with two car garages, putting pressure on builders to bring a quality home to the City. You can see the results with wonderful new subdivisions with great homes.

With the City Center Project moving forward and new development along 5600 West Councilman Vincent will work to ensure quality progress is being made making West Valley City a wonderful to raise our families.